Police officers detain four people involved in the Tetovo hospital shooting, one person still on the loose


Four people have been detained late Thursday night for the shooting that happened at the Emergency Center of the Tetovo Clinical Hospital, and another person is still on the loose.

As the Tetovo pilice informed, R. T. (35) and M. T. (44) from Tetovo, and before that the 55-year-old aunt Sh. E. and N. M. (39), were arrested under the suspicion that they were involved in the shooting that took place around 6 p.m.

Persons A. M. (41) and Z. M. (36) from the village of Gajre in Tetovo suffered serious injuries (gunshot wounds) and were taken to the Skopje Clinic.

The public prosecutor and a team from the Tetovo police have carried out a complete inspection and the case is being clarified and documented, after which appropriate reports will follow against those involved in this case.

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