The people must win their freedom through the electoral victory


The Socialist Party of Macedonia (SP), following the promotional campaigns of the Government, points to the merciless and futile spending of taxpayers’ money for pre-election promotion of the ruling SDS and DUI.

“Under the pretext of alleged benefits from EU membership, the Government shamelessly and in a ridiculously infantile way brags about what it has not achieved and how satisfied the people are with it. Again, for the umpteenth time, underestimating and insulting the same people from whom he will seek support and trust.

In their Potemkin villages, there is no talk of poverty, inflation or the corruption of the criminal gang in power, which presents defeats and betrayals as success.

The only thing true in the slogan is that the end is “closer than ever”, while the European future is further and further away or is non-existent,” said the party.

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