About EUR 49 million collected from Solidarity tax


Another one of the total of eight companies where the Public Revenue Office (PRO) enforces forced collection of solidarity tax, needs to settle the obligations from the main debt and six million denars remain to be paid.
“The company is engaged in the trade of wood, construction material and sanitary equipment, it has paid the interest and the one-time fee for forced collection and has started paying the main debt, and it remains to pay MKD 6,226,962,” informed the director of the Public Revenue Office Sanja Lukarevska at a press briefing on Monday.
Out of 156 companies that have submitted a tax balance for solidarity tax, with an obligation to pay MKD 3,029,429,379, 149 companies paid within the legal deadline, and after the deadline, the PRO started a procedure for forced collection with eight taxpayers and with seven it has already completed.

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