SDS and DUI paid EUR 200 million for the Corridors 8 & 10 construction, and not a single shovel has been thrown on the ground, accuses opposition


On the 182nd day of 2023, over 200 million euros have been transferred to the contractor of corridors 8 and 10, without any work being started on the ground, the opposition VMRO-DPMNE said on Wednesday.

“Eight months after the Government officially started the construction of Corridors 8 and 10, there is nothing on the ground, and the sign they put up has already faded. 200 million euros have been paid in advance, and on the ground, not only has no construction started, but there is no expropriation, nor even a project, in popular terms, not a single shovel has been thrown, and 200 million is already in the contractor’s account for eight months now. The authorities carried out a criminal procedure, even with the supervision, which instead of a reputable company in the field of construction is an underwear factory,” VMRO-DPMNE pointed out.

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