SDSM has the worst government in history, and the result is that we are the worst in Europe in every area, says Gjorchev


SDSM has the worst government in history. They have Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski who is literally anonymous who has never participated in any elections. He comes from a 7 or 12 echelon and we see the results. The result is that Macedonia is imploding, the result is that we are the worst in Europe in terms of road and highway construction, the highest inflation, the weakest economy in Europe, by far the lowest GDP growth in the Balkans and in Europe, the highest emigration in Europe etc. There is no area in which we are not the worst in Europe, said VMRO-DPMNE EC member Vladimir Gjorchev in an interview with Radio Leader.

Gjorchev pointed out that until a few years ago, Macedonia was an example for other countries in the region, but now it lags behind Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.

“It shows that it has never been worse in Macedonia. This is the absurd state we live in and the result of all this is that nothing is being built in Macedonia. The Kichevo-Ohrid highway has been delayed for years, these few kilometers that need to be built from Skopje to Blace, one meter has not been built. Not to mention healthcare. In Macedonia, there have never been more people who have died. We pay for their incompetence with blood, sweat and tears. There is no scandal like the Oncology clinic affair anywhere in the world. And who is to blame? No one is to blame,” noted Gjorchev.

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