Tobacco purchase is slow, legal changes needed


Since the beginning of the buying campaign, more than 6,000 tons of tobacco have been purchased at a price of MKD 330 per kilogram. It is little and the purchase is taking place slowly, state the State Agriculture Inspectorate.

“Over 6,000 tons of tobacco have been purchased so far. No irregularities have been reported. There are some reports, but we have no official report. But we will check everything on the field. Redemption is taking place at a slow pace, but we’ll see. I want to urge the buying companies to follow the example of the Government which announced an increase in subsidies by over 25%, so that they take that step as soon as possible and this calvary of the tobacco farmers ends and they start preparing for the new, this year’s tobacco harvest as soon as possible,” says Jane Stankoski, director of the State Inspectorate for Agriculture.

This year’s tobacco harvest is estimated at 13,000 to 15,000 tons, which is almost half of previous years.


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