After Musliu and Bytyqi’s wives received the grant they tried to cover their tracks, says Kovachki


This is part of the Memorandum that was signed by the Consortium of NGOs made up of the NGOs of the wives of Deputy Prime Minister Bytyqi and the Intelligence Agency director Erold Musliu, and on the basis of which the grant worth 620,000 euros was received, MP from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE Dragan Kovachki told a press briefing on Monday.

“These are the signatures of Bytyqi and Musliu’s wives. Both Fatmir Bytyqi and Erold Musliu know that they are caught 100:0, and both know that it is unacceptable while they are in high state positions, for their wives to take a grant worth 620,000 euros, a process in which the Government was also involved through the National Coordinator for the fight against terrorism. Today we will disclose that after receiving the grant, they tried to cover their tracks. Namely, only 5 days after receiving the money, Bytyqi’s wife was deleted by authorized persons of her non-governmental organization, with a change recorded in the Central Register. The fact that Bytyqi’s wife deleted herself as an authorized person five days after receiving the grant does not change the fact that Bytyqi is the deputy prime minister at a government session when the decision was made for the National Committee to conclude a memorandum with the Consortium, which is given a foreign grant at a time when his wife is still the president of the NGO. Trading in influence happened by government decision. The SCPC, the PPO, the Deputy Prime Minister for Good Governance and Prime Minister Kovachevski have so far remained silent on the case. How long will Stevo Pendarovski, who personally appointed the director of the Intelligence Agency and who himself claims to be the most informed in the country, remain silent,” said Kovachki

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