Kocarev: Macedonia is like a geopolitical laboratory where international “players” test their “recipes”


In the last few years, Macedonia has become the center of regional destabilization, says academician LjupchoKocarev in an interview with TV Alfa.

“In the Negotiating Framework, an official document of the EU, extraordinary and unique conditions have been set for the admission of Macedonia to the European Union, which for the other countries involved in the accession process do not exist, nor did they exist during the previous enlargement processes. This, first of all, refers to the implementation of the bilateral agreements with Greece and Bulgaria as part of the criterion of the Stabilization and Association Process for good neighborly relations, but also to a large part of the additional requests by Bulgaria which are now an integral part of the conclusions of the Council of the EU, the general position of the European Union and the Negotiating Framework, and therefore also the accession negotiations. And what are Bulgaria’s demands? Let me repeat once again so that there is no misunderstanding: for Bulgarian politicians, but, unfortunately, for most Bulgarian citizens as well (the result of Bulgaria’s decades-long educational system), the Macedonian language is a Bulgarian dialect, there is no Macedonian nation, the Macedonian nation was created artificially base of the Bulgarian nationality, which existed in Vardar Macedonia and Macedonia is the cradle of the Bulgarian renaissance, of the creation of the Bulgarian nation. Such senseless and unscientific attitudes are part of the Negotiating Framework today,” said the academician.

“Unfortunately, Macedonia is perceived only as a geopolitical laboratory where major international “players” test their “recipes” for stabilization, coexistence, and institutional transformation,” added Kocarev.

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