Greece does not budge on passports issue: The provisions are clear and deadlines have to be honored


The Prespa Agreement is an international accord that has the force of law and cannot be changed unilaterally by anyone, according to Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece Giorgos Gerapetritis in a Greek TV Antena appearance on Tuesday evening as well as in response to a question in Parliament on Wednesday morning.

The top Greek diplomat and New Democracy member said his political party had stated its positions on the Prespa Agreement’s points they deemed problematic at the time it was signed, but he stressed that now it could not be changed so Greece was consistently adhering to the treaty.

I have been stressing that the Prespa Agreement is an international accord, Gerapetritis said. The Greek Parliament voted for it. In line with the Constitution, this accord takes precedence over any other legal provision, meaning that it cannot be unilaterally changed by either party.

He added that New Democracy had promptly pointed out that there would be issues in the Prespa Agreement’s implementation. Still, he said, the signatories had a constitutional duty to enforce the treaty and unilateral change was impossible.

“What we must do and what Greece is doing is to follow its consistent and strict compliance,” Gerapetritis said in Parliament while replying to an MP.

Asked about N. Macedonia’s obligation to change the country’s name in its passports and vehicle registration plates by February 12, Gerapetritis said the provisions were clear and deadlines had to be honored.

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