Palevski’s temporary incarceration in Turkey expires in a week, Macedonian authorities have not received a response to extradition request for two months


The temporary incarceration that the Turkish authorities ordered on December 29 for Ljupcho Palevski-Palcho, suspected of the murder of 14-year-old Vanja Gjorchevska and 74-year-old Panche Zhezhovski, expires in a week, or February 6-7.

Palcho is currently in a closed penitentiary in Balikesir, Turkey, where he can be held for up to a year. It is expected that his temporary prison or detention will be extended after the expiration of the 40-day measure, as the Macedonian authorities have not yet received a response from Turkey following the extradition request, which was sent on December 7.

The Macedonian Ministry of Justice replied that they are expecting an answer from Turkey any day now, and then they will inform the public.

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