SCPC: Out of 56 criminal prosecution initiatives not a single one has been processed


During its five-year term, the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) has formed a total of 2872 cases, 2788 of which were upon reports from the field of prevention of corruption, while 84 have been formed upon the Commission’s own initiative. The Commission solved 2451 cases, submitting 59 initiatives for the determining of responsibility of officials and individuals holding managing posts, as well as 56 initiatives for the initiation of criminal prosecution procedures. Not a single initiative for the initiation of criminal prosecution has been processed, saidthe SCPC head Biljana Ivanovska at a media briefing on Wednesday ahead of the end of the Commission’s term.

“Out of all our initiatives for criminal prosecution submitted to the public prosecutor’s offices, so far not a single public prosecutor’s decision has reached the court, not only from this composition but from the existence of this institution since 2002, with the exception of the “Bachilo” case. That is a total of over 200 initiatives for criminal prosecution that have come out of here in the last twenty years that this institution has been in existence,” said Ivanovska.

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