Kovachevski sold out SDS to serve DUI as long as possible and make deserter Xhaferi PM, says opposition


Kovachevski, apart from the Macedonian people, also humiliated the SDS MPs, who voted for Commander Forina to become the Prime Minister of Macedonia, said the main opposition party VMRO-DPMNE on Wednesday.

“Kovachevski surrendered power, in order to remain with at least a few more ministers in the government, which had under its control the DUI, through which it managed to seize millions of euros, taxpayers’ money. Until now, Macedonia has not had such an unimportant figure in its government as Kovachevski, who even managed to take over the corridors, which are to be built and are under the Ministry of Transport and Communications, from Artan Grubi, who only appointed himself as the coordinator. That same one, the installed leader of the SDS, kept silent about all of DUI’s possible crimes that happened, from the purchase of properties of relatives of Grubi and Ahmeti, in the strict center of Skopje, to the violent invasion of M-NAV, of his bosses. The citizens and members of the SDS will remember him as the most incompetent prime minister of the Republic of Macedonia, the man who had no voice and who handed the country to DUI,” pointed out VMRO-DPMNE.

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