Angelovska-Bezhoska at Warwick University: Through human capital reforms to faster convergence towards the EU



National Bank Governor Anita Angelovska-Bezhoska participated in a panel discussion at the 22nd edition of the prestigious Warwick 2024 International Economic Summit, which is held at the university of the same name in the United Kingdom. At the panel discussion named  “Navigating Monetary Policy: Views from Central Banks Around the World”, the Governor also met with students from Warwick University as part of the “Students Meet Leaders” event, the National Bank informed on Monday.

“The acceleration of convergence will depend on structural reforms related to human capital, investments and institutions, but also on technological, climatic and geopolitical conditions,” said Angelovska-Bezhoska.

The convergence of the Macedonian economy in the last few years lags behind at the level of 40% of the income in the EU, which is similar to other economies in the Western Balkans.

It will take us 40 years to reach the level of EU income, the Governor pointed out.

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