Azir Aliu analyzes Grubi’s political profile: He is a hybrid person between narcissism and Machiavellianism


Macedonian Minister of Information Society and Administration, Azir Aliu, in an interview with TV21’s “10 Minutes” political show while discussing his party’s proposal to be dismissed from his post, elaborated on Wednesday’s session of the Government, at which, according to him, all staff changes were made at the request of the minister from the ranks of DUI, Artan Grubi.

Aliu even described Grubi’s political profile.

“If you analyze Grubi’s political profile, it is a hybrid between narcissism and Machiavellianism. In this political profile there are several characteristics, which I have defined in a hybrid form. He wants a lot of attention, he has a huge desire to be powerful, to reflect power. On the other hand, he is a person who has minimal empathy towards others. A manipulative profile that does everything to achieve his goals,” Aliu said.

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