European front looks more and more corrupt, DUI and SDSM’s anxiety that they are losing power is evident, says Miloshoski


In an interview with TV Alfa, VMRO-DPMNE MP AntonijoMiloshoskiemphasized that the SDSM and DUI’s anxietyis evident, and the European front is more and more like a corrupt front that is fragmenting.

“I wouldn’t interfere too much with the developments inside the Alliance, it’s their party turbulence that they have to overcome themselves, but what I can say for sure is that these developments in the Alliance, and therefore in the government, show that the slogan European front is not a slogan of common values ​​but of common interest. Now we see that European front under the pressure of corruption, struggle for power, supremacy, ArtanGrubi, Sela, Taravari, Kovahevski, Xhaferi is slowly splitting and everyone is starting to look for their place after the elections in which they know they will be defeated. Regroupings of political parties that are becoming aware that after the elections there will be a new election winner in Macedonia,” Miloshoski said.

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