After 17 years of waiting, we started EU negotiations, from being trapped, today we are a democratic state, says former PM Kovachevski


Let’s not forget that after 17 years of waiting, we started negotiations with the EU, from a captive state we are now a democratic state, said SDSM leader Dimitar Kovachevski in an interview with MIA.
“Our country ranked 138th in the world according to the media freedom, today we are 38th in the world. It is thanks to the commitments of the Government, to the commitments of the political parties in the Government – that the media be free. They used to get the news, they are ashamed when I tell them on TV, they don’t comment on it, because they know it is so. Now no one tells them what question they will or will not ask”, stressed Kovachevski and added that in one year, N. Macedonia advanced 9 places on the scale of countries in the fight against crime and corruption.

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