Albanian opposition signs declaration of unification by intonating the Albanian national anthem


The Alliance for Albanians led by Arben Taravari and the parties of the European Alliance for Change coalition, including Democratic Movement, BESA Movement, and Alternativa, signed a declaration of unification on Saturday in Skopje ahead of the presidential and parliamentary elections.
The declaration was signed on the day that Kosovo marks 16 years of independence – a date that Mexhiti also mentioned. At the beginning of the event, the Albanian anthem was intonated, and all Macedonian symbols were absent from the ceremony.
“By signing this declaration, on this day when we also mark the independence of Kosovo, we are laying the foundations for a new era among Albanian parties in the Republic of North Macedonia. This declaration represents a unified platform encompassing all social entities and stakeholders who believe that the time has come for a major political change in the country. Today, from this large gathering, we call upon everyone, regardless of age – youth, undecided individuals, those in despair, activists, and analysts – to join the forthcoming change,” Mexhiti said.

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