Europe is here, it will not run away, but we are losing Macedonia, says Dimitrievski


The Macedonian political factor must define national Macedonian interests and red lines, which has never been achieved in the past, emphasized the leader of the Movement ZNAM – for Our Macedonia, Maksim Dimitrievski
“The political scene in Macedonia is so polarized that it is painted in black and gray. We have not seen white in the country. If they want to discuss future cooperation, we will have to harmonize our views and stick to it, because we have to learn that from the mono-ethnic political parties of the Albanians. When it comes to the nation, when it comes to the state, there is no room for any concessions, because Europe will not run away, it is here, it operates and works. But you can and are losing Macedonia with each passing day. Macedonia is a sovereign country on its own territory with its own Constitution, as it is, everyone must respect it and our laws must be harmonized,” said the leader of the ZNAM Movement.

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