Greece has so far changed only one traffic sign as part of the Prespa Agreement


Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani, says that the essential part of the Prespa Agreement has been respected by both sides, and in the part of obligations regarding traffic signs, Greece has informed that they have changed one traffic sign.
“We have fulfilled our obligations in 95 percent. Greece has respected it in its essential part, which is the support of NATO and EU integration. Greece has in the area of certain traffic signs, only yesterday they informed us that they have changed one sign, and three contracts that are not directly related to the Prespa Agreement. It used to be Skopia, and now it is Skopje, since yesterday I think everything has changed. Because directions are to cities, not countries, so are the rules of road signs. But we are approximately here in terms of fulfillment from both sides,” said Osmani.

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