SDSM official delighted by VMRO-DPMNE mayor – He did everything he set out to do!


Kisela Voda Municipality MayorOrceGjorgjievski’s work divided the views within SDSM. This is perhaps the first time that prominent party officials have publicly and rather “loudly” expressed opposing views on the professionalism and functioning of a political opponent.

In this case, SDSM leader DimitarKovachevski tried with all his might to discredit the work of the most successful mayor of KiselaVoda Municipality so far. However, KirilGajdov, the coordinator of the SDSM advisory group in Veles, has the complete opposite opinion from his party leader. And he obviously doesn’t want to keep that opinion to himself.

“I often go to KiselaVoda. In public, you may have one of the most active mayors, because he posts on Facebook all day. The man also works on Saturdays, but I did not see anything done in KiselaVoda,”Kovachevski said.

On the other hand, Gajdov has the opposition opinion.

“Look at Orce and how he copes in KiselaVoda. There is no sewerage and water supply that man has not solved in two years with very little help from the state. He has no problem with any minister, the man who planned did everything. For these two years, he implemented his program 100 percent. Everyone should take him as an example, even though he is from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE, I respect him,” said Gajdov.

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