Ahmeti and DUI’s initiative for election president in Parliament is an attempt to defocus in the absence of projects before leaving for political retirement


During his visit to the Municipality of Gazi Baba, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, asked regarding the initiative of DUI and Ahmeti for electing president, emphasized that ‘such statements should be ignored because they come from politicians who are not a factor, and in a short time they will be sent into political retirement, but a large part of them will also be part of processes where they have to prove their innocence because there are well-founded suspicions that they have committed a huge crime in the past years’.

“I heard that statement made by Ali Ahmeti, I will divide the answer into two parts, the first part I think that this statement by Ali Ahmeti in the absence of other ideas and in the absence of useful projects and in conditions where they are caught in a huge DUI crime they are now trying with easy defocus to build a topic and then transfer that topic to the campaign and make it a topic in the campaign, as it was a topic in the campaign that an Albanian prime minister should now be an Albanian president, and I think it should be ignored. because we all know that they are not a factor in the first place to be able to impose such a topic and I don’t think we should be caught again as a public on the hook that comes from a political option that will soon be in the past from today and will be responsible for all that what they were doing. Secondly, even the very audacity to say such a thing and to connect it with blackmail for the outcome of the elections is not a state act for a party that claims to present itself as a state-builder and which has been part of the government for 22 years and eats its bread because of these citizens and this country,” said opposition leader Mickoski.

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