Mickoski responds to SDSM on average wages: Quarter burek with yogurt was MKD 50 a few years ago, now it’s MKD 120


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, was on a field visit on Monday to inspect construction activities in the municipality of Gazi Baba, where he was asked to comment on the claims of the Social Democratic Union (SDSM) that the ruling party had increased the average wage.

“They conditionally say so, but it is also good to remind them that a quarter burek with yogurt was 50 denars a few years ago, now it is 120 denars. Macedonia is definitely among the top countries when it comes to crime and corruption, according to the average wage and pension we are at rock bottom, according to the level of misery we are also at the top and so on. There is not a single indicator that supports this claim of SDSM and DUI, and therefore, in a very short time, the people will give an answer to all these false messages sent by both SDSM and DUI,” Mickoski said.

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