Toshkovski: I found MoI in a disastrous state, it would be a shame if there’s no accountability for those that created the passports chaos


I found a catastrophic situation in the Ministry of Interior and the disaster is still ongoing. No matter how hard we try to improve operations, we can only mitigate the problems but not solve them. That is the reality. But there is hope because there are people who love Macedonia, are professionals and want to help and earn the salary they get from the citizens. It was a positive surprise for me as well, says the caretaker Minister of Interior Panche Toshkovski in an interview with

“But unfortunately not everyone does that, if everyone did we wouldn’t be in this situation. But there is hope, we are not all the same, I hope that in this short period of time the people noticed that for this one month miracles could not be done, but it was possible to work in the interest of the citizens to improve something that service, the citizens had the right to have it in a dignified way, and those who managed the process had an obligation to manage it so that it would be more dignified for the citizens,” said Toshkovski.

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