Miteva: Price shock again starting today – while Bujar Osmani complains that he cannot survive on MKD 125,000, how will 99% of the citizens survive?


The Government did not want to extend the deadline for guaranteed prices for food and some non-alcoholic drinks, and from today the prices in the markets will be higher again and will hit the pockets of the citizens who are barely making ends meet,  VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Marija Miteva highlighted at a press conference on Friday.

“In conditions where the consumption basket for a family of four reached almost 60,000 MKD, the government will consciously stimulate a new increase in prices in order to take the last denar from the citizens. And while prices are rising, Minister Bujar Osmani publicly complains that if he doesn’t get paid one month, he will have to go into debt the next. Osmani’s salary is over 125,000 MKD, which is two times more than the consumption basket. The question arises, if Bujar Osmani cannot survive on 125,000 MKD, how does Kovachevski expect the citizens who get a lower salary than Osmani, which is 99% of the people in the country, to survive the month,” said Miteva.

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