Is there anyone that still takes Pendarovski seriously?


Is there anyone who takes Stevo Pendarovski seriously? Pendarovski does not have one position that he said and kept. While the SDS and DUI authorities negotiated with Bulgaria behind closed doors, Pendarovski acted as a patriot and deceived the public. Pendarovski claimed that no one from the Bulgarian side demanded a change to the Constitution of Macedonia. He went a step further and said that it is out of his mind to discuss any change to the constitution or annex to the agreement with Bulgaria, VMRO-DPMNE EC member and MP Mile Lefkov told a press conference on Wednesday.

“Pendarovski is personally the main proponent of the idea of changing the Constitution, and he personally said that he is the man who negotiated the annex, as he calls it, i.e. the Bulgarian dictate.

When did Pendarovski lie when he claimed that it was out of his mind to change the Constitution or now when he is the main lobbyist for changing the Constitution? Does Pendarovski have an attitude that he did not trample on? Has that man remained authentic in anything other than lying?”, added Lefkov.

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