Demiri: Over 30 specializations in ophthalmology provided


Macedonian Caretaker Minister of Health, Dr. Ilir Demiri, attended the event organized by the Clinic for Eye Diseases on the occasion of World Glaucoma Day on Monday.
In several different cities across the country (Bitola, Tetovo, Kumanovo and Shtip), eye pressure measurements are organized by professional ophthalmologists and trained nurses, with the aim of raising awareness of timely detection of glaucoma.
In a statement to the media, Demiri emphasized that glaucoma was a serious ophthalmic disease that, if not treated, could lead to blindness, and the most common cause was increased eye pressure.
“We should keep in mind that glaucoma does not show signs and symptoms in the beginning, which is why the best way to detect this disease is screening and prevention. One of the priorities of the Ministry of Health is to strengthen specialist areas in the long term, by providing appropriate specializations for public health institutions. Specifically for ophthalmology as a sensitive specialty, with the Program of the Ministry of Specializations and Subspecializations over 30 specializations in this area have been provided for several institutions, and the largest number for the Clinic for Eye Diseases, Struga General Hospital, Zdravstven dom Skopje, Bitola Clinical Hospital, etc,” said Demiri.

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