Everyone who is involved in science will be rewarded with additional 50 percent of their monthly salary


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, at a debate titled “Educational platform for the future”, on the topic “New concept for the development of education” held in Kumanovo, mentioned that the basic foundation is the return of preschool education within the Ministry of Education.

“It is necessary that the educated process be complete. We lack one foundation, i.e. the base, and that is pre-school education, i.e. kindergartens. They are now under the responsibility of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. In the process of reorganization and restructuring of the Government, we are planning fundamental reforms,” ​​Mickoski said.

The opposition leader pointed out that if the state allocates net MKD 60,000 for a monthly salary for a teaching and educational person, and he published an article in a magazine, then the next 12 months will allocate 90,000 denars per month. Anyone who is involved in science will be rewarded,” said Mickoski.


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