Survey: Citizens get the worst services from the Ministry of Interior


Currently, the citizens are most satisfied with the services offered by the municipalities. This position is shared by 12.7% of the respondents. The Ministry of Interior follows with just under 10%, according to the latest public opinion survey conducted by the Skopje Institute for Political Research for Detektor.
The comparison with last year’s survey provides interesting data considering that last year the Ministry of Interior held the top as the institution with which the citizens are most satisfied before the local self-government, but currently, the situation is reversed.
As expected, after the document issuance crisis, the Ministry of Interior is the institution that citizens are least satisfied with. This stance is shared by every fourth surveyed citizen or 24% of the total number.
Next in line is the Health Fund (HIF), for which 8% of the citizens said that it is the institution with which they are the least satisfied.

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