Macedonian in Germany implants new model of the world’s smallest cardiac pacemaker


Doctor of Medical Sciences Dejan Nachoski, an experienced interventional cardiologist in Aachen/Würselen, Germany, was born in Bitola and has been working for in Germany 17 years and successfully performs the latest innovations in interventional cardiology, such as opening complex blockages of heart vessels / stenting, implantation of all types of pacemakers, the latest methods of aspiration of thrombus in the lungs, closure of congenital heart defects, etc.

Dr. Dejan Nachoski is a Macedonian national, an interventional cardiologist who is certified for implanting the smallest pacemaker in the world.

“In short, standard pacemakers are electrical stimulators that consist of 53 to 60 cm long electrical wires connected to an electronic housing. To implant a standard pacemaker, an incision of 6 to 10 cm should be made below the collarbone, a pocket is prepared in which the pacemaker is implanted/inserted, from there the 60 cm wires are inserted through a vein into the right atrium and into the right ventricle,” said Dr. Nachoski.

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