Macedonian national tried to sell almost 96 thousand counterfeit dollars in Kosovo


A fifty-four-year-old Macedonian national with the initials I.D was arrested in Kosovo under the suspicion of circulating counterfeit money, specifically US dollars. The Directorate for the Investigation of Economic Crime and Corruption caught the suspect in the act during his attempt to circulate a large sum of dollars in Kosovo.
The suspect sold the $100 counterfeits for $40. A total of USD 96,000 was confiscated.
“During the police operation, 960 banknotes of a total of 100 dollars and 96 thousand dollars, a vehicle used by the suspect in the case and a mobile phone were confiscated,” the police informed on Saturday.
All investigative a are undertaken in coordination with the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office in Kosovo. The suspect was interrogated in the presence of his lawyer, and then he was remanded in custody for 48 hours.

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