Nikoloski: By raising pensions by MKD 5,000, we are doing injustice to hundreds of thousands of people – victims of the ‘90s transition


From the projects in the program, which has 1198 projects, I would single out a few. First, a linear increase in pensions by 5 thousand denars in order to have a more dignified life, second, for young people there is the Buy a house project with favorable conditions to have their own home, third, huge subsidies in agriculture and proper distribution, fourth, the fight against corruption and crime through the dissolution of the Judicial and Prosecutorial Council and the introduction of a functional legal state and fifth, the return of the national pride of the Macedonian people, said VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader Aleksandar Nikoloski during an interview with Alfa TV.
“Increasing pensions is an essential issue and is the edge of injustice that we need to correct: The system of determining pensions has nine categories related to seniority and how much salary was received during working life, and that can be good in ideal conditions. But when you see who in Macedonia receives the lowest pensions, these are the people who lost their jobs during the unfair privatization of SDSM in the nineties. Those people who were fired from their jobs or were fired are not paying contributions. The directors did that to devalue the companies, and they took part of the companies for no money, and their children are now in positions. Both then and now, people are suffering from SDSM, from the oligarchy,” said opposition official Nikoloski.

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