Mickoski: We are on the threshold of a great victory, that victory depends on every single person in Macedonia


We are on the threshold of a great victory. And that victory depends on every single person in Macedonia. And that victory will not only be ours, but will belong to all decent people who this time will decide to go to the polls and make a decision not for us, but above all for themselves, for their families, for their future. Things have never been more difficult, but they have also never been clearer. VMRO-DPMNE is the biggest force for changes that Macedonia must return to the people. Macedonia must stay where it belongs and the state must start functioning, said the leader of opposition VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski at a promotion of the MP candidates on Saturday.
“A victory that will send a message that two million people are stronger than a hundred elitists who have been ruining the country for years. Victory for the end of disfigurements, victory for the end of crime and corruption that eats away every healthy tissue. It is your decision, but our joint victory for new energy of people who unconditionally love Macedonia. Together, with the enormous power of the people, from today we begin the last and final act of getting Macedonia back and Macedonia being ours, yours again. To every decent person I know who will decide to fight for their future. We are winning with the strength of the many who must go to the polls if they want change. For Macedonia, yours again, for changes that are in your hands,” Mickoski said.

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