Miteva: Ministry of Education purchases new digital textbooks worth €800,000 without official curricula


For five years DUI and SDS have failed to provide textbooks in foreign languages in primary education. But after quickly changing all programs for all foreign languages, for all classes in primary education, they also canceled the last purchase. Although it was announced back in May 2023, it was canceled only now, with the reasoning that they did not have funds for that purpose. Imagine, for five years they cannot provide funds for something that is a legal obligation, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson and Executive Committee member Marija Miteva in a press briefing on Sunday.
“But that’s why they could predict millions for new digital textbooks. Let’s remind the public about that purchase of 500,000 euros for digital textbooks, which no one used. Now again, the same firm has been awarded an astonishing €800,000. Although the first time digital textbooks were produced for the 4th grade, with the new purchase, the same company is again awarded funds for digital textbooks, again for the 4th grade,” said the opposition spokesperson.
Miteva pointed out that the questionable purchases did not stop there.
“Knowing that they will soon be in opposition, DUI and SDS decide to make another public procurement, again for digital textbooks, but this time for non-existent textbooks. Although the curricula for the 7th, 8th and 9th grades have not been published, although the textbooks for these grades have not been made, this does not prevent them from predicting millions of sums for digital versions of the non-existent textbooks. All this is foreseen in public procurement not for one, but for the next three years,” Miteva added.

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