poll: Government fails to deal with the citizens’ problems and therefore does not deserve another term


Even 70 percent of the surveyed citizens think that things in Macedonia are moving in the wrong direction. Only 16.5 percent of respondents answered that the direction is correct. This was shown by the telephone survey conducted on 1,200 respondents by the Market Vision agency between March 15 and March 24, by order of the editorial office.
As in the previous survey from December last year, the biggest problem for the citizens is crime and corruption in the country (29.2%), inflation, price growth and cost of living are in second place (17.6%). unemployment 14.2 percent, emigration, emigration of young people 7.8 percent, etc.
Up to 66.6 percent of respondents in the survey believe that the government is unsuccessfully dealing with these problems, and only 5.7 percent of them say that the Government is doing it successfully.
If the Government’s performance is evaluated from 1 to 10, then the average score obtained would be 3.03.
That is why 71.4 percent of those surveyed answered negatively to the question of whether the Government deserves another term. 17.1 percent of respondents believe that the Government deserves another term.

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