Pensions increase is necessary and their linear increase is rightly proposed, says SPM


The Socialist Party of Macedonia (SPM) points out that the stories of the SDS Deputy Prime Minister Bytyqi that the pension plan of the “Your Macedonia” coalition will leave half of the pensioners without a pension are a construction and a lie for party pre-election needs.
“The increase in pensions is necessary and rightly a linear increase in pensions is proposed by the “Your Macedonia” coalition and it is also supported by the pensioners, which particularly drives the deputy prime minister crazy. Bytyqi creates his own dark scenario that there will not be enough funds for pensions and that this will disrupt the finances of the pension fund. He forgets that the differences and the backlog of pensions were made precisely by the government led by SDS and DUI and caused the dissatisfaction and demands of pensioners,” said the Socialist Party.

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