EU integration blocked DUI and SDSM, says Democratic Union


The TV debate between Mickoski and Kovachevski only confirmed the crystal clear position of the Democratic Union, that the European integration process is blocked by DUI and SDSM and they must be held accountable for that, the Democratic Union (DS) political party said on Thursday.
“SDSM accepted the French proposal prepared in Mala Rechica by representatives of DUI and Bulgaria. That proposal was transformed into a Negotiating Framework, in which all Bulgaria’s demands are incorporated. The Framework does not provide for the Macedonian language to be official in the EU after the accession of Macedonia to the Union, the Framework also includes historical, educational and identity issues, which is contrary to the Copenhagen criteria, and the implementation of the Agreement on good neighborly relations between Bulgaria and Macedonia, as well as the protocols with which Bulgaria imposes solutions that deny our history, language and identity continuity,” said the small opposition party DS.

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