Mickoski: In these elections, the victory will be historic and common, let’s unite and bring back the Macedonia we love


VMRO-DPMNE leader HristijanMickoski addressed the large people’s rally Thursday evening in front of the Government building, where he sent a message that “the people are coming for what’s theirs, after what was taken from them, they are coming for Macedonia”.

“Let’s show everyone that we can, that we know how, that we love Macedonia, that we won’t give it away and that we all together are the strength of Macedonia. We raise this final journey in early spring. All the vicissitudes that we have gone through as a party and as a country. What subversions, obstructions, destructions, attempts to destroy VMRO, and attempts to destroy everything that means the Macedonian idea, the dream of a state with its own identity and values, that they did not try to do so that it would not exist. I promise you that with progress and changes, apathy and the status quo will be defeated and we will come out as stronger and united citizens, as one, and together we will write a new history of successes and victories, of which we will all be proud. That is what we are fighting for, these are our changes that are needed and in which you must believe and can believe,” said the leader of the main opposition party.

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