Arsovska attacks the Culture Ministry over the University Hall fire


The City of Skopje Mayor Danela Arsovska broke silence over the fire that engulfed the Universal Hall on Tuesday morning.

“For two years, we have been publicly saying that the project for the Universal Hall, which was donated to the previous city management and which they worked on until the local elections in 2021, is wrong and unsafe, and that the construction is contrary to the project, and that because of this it can be continued and it cannot be is being built. For two years we were attacked for what we speak publicly,” said Arsovska in a post on Facebook.

“For two years, we have been pointing out that until a new project and a serious revision of the construction, which is contrary to the project, is provided, that there is no chance that anyone from the city will sign the construction and continue any implementation. Councilors in the Council of the City of Skopje decided at a session in July 2023 that the Ministry of Culture will take over the Universal Hall and its reconstruction. After several months, the Universal Hall mysteriously burns down, instead of REVIEWING what the contractor was doing,” added Arsovska.

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