Filipche to be defeated by Nikoloski in ED 4, VMRO-DPMNE leads in ED 3


The great advantage of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE over SDSM remains in the third and fourth electoral districts in the month of April. According to the IPIS survey published in the MRT Objective program, in the third electoral district VMRO-DPMNE has an almost double leadge over the ruling SDSM, i.e. the opposition party has the trust of 34.2%, and the Social Democratic Union has the trust of 17.8% of respondents.

Next on the list is Levica with 4.7% and the ZNAM movement with 4.5% support from the respondents.

In the fourth ED in April, VMRO-DPMNE, whose list holder is Aleksandar Nikoloski, enjoys a 32% rating, while SDSM with Venko Filipce has 19.9%, while Levica has 4.1% and the ZNAM movement has the same 3.7% thus they enter the combination for the possible entry of MPs from this district.


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