While Stevo acts like Mother Teresa, he received a response from Freedom House that reminded him that he was part of a corrupt system, says Mickoski


Freedom House gave a big a slap to DUI and SDSM and the person who did not say a word and does not have the courage to speak against them, because he expects support from them for the presidential race, the tourist Stevo. While Stevo was pretending to be Mother Teresa, he received a response from the American Freedom House. And they reminded him that he is part of a corrupt system, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski at a rally in Kichevo on Thursday evening.
Mickoski added that Pendarovski is a face and a villain from the same bitter story.
“Somehow Pendarovski will be remembered for his whole term as a man without his own self. I will remind you that apart from the fact that he cleared all the harmful contracts of the DUI – SDSM duo, for which two things Stevo will be remembered. The first thing, that Goce Delchev was Bulgarian, and the second, that if he hadn’t been president, he would have moved out of Macedonia, let’s help him start packing his bags on April 24, and then on May 8, let him move away freely,” said the opposition leader Mickoski.

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