Private resident doctors that are on strike will get higher wages after the elections


Macedonian Minister of Health Ilir Demiri asks for patience from the private resident doctors who went on strike on Monday and informs that after the elections, the budget will be reviewed to ensure equalization of their incomes with those of the employed resident doctors in public health institutions.

Asked by reporters about the general strike of private resident doctors, Demiri says that he is a promoter of realizing their demands and emphasized the tendency to keep doctors in the country.

“We made a comparison in the previous joint conversation with them, what was their position, of such residents, before 2017 and what is it now. There is one huge difference. Because, until 2017, they did not receive any income. I am not saying that the current ones are enough for them. I want them to earn as much as the resident doctors that are working in public health institutions. But that requires budgeting, which cannot be done now before the elections,” said Minister Demiri at the press conference for introduction of nonavalent HPV vaccine.



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