Osmani is constantly coming up with ideas to harm the country, claims SPM


The Socialist Party of Macedonia (SPM) assesses that the DUI presidential candidate and current Minister of Foreign Affairs, BujarOsmani, is constantly active in coming up with ideas to harm the country.

“Aware that he is on his way out and will probably never be able to hold the position he holds, Osmani is proposing changes that are unacceptable and indecent. His efforts to leave the Open Balkan initiative so that there is no influence from the neighbors on Macedonia is completely against the interests of the countries, businesses and citizens of the region. Osmani’s “merit” is that he strengthened anti-Macedonianism among the Bulgarian political elite. He accepts Bulgarian imperial blackmail and falsely promises that the Constitution will be changed to form a new government after elections that are beyond common sense,” said the SPM.

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