Capture the judiciary, then call for vetting, says Preshova


Professor Denis Preshova points out in a Facebook post the absurdity of the DUI and SDS-led Government’s idea of reforms in the judiciary, which are actually their pre-election promises.
According to the professor, if judges continue to remain silent and completely servilely care only about their salaries and privileges instead of caring about justice and rights, there will be no one to defend them in the future.
“Capture the judiciary and then call for vetting; Insert party staff, relatives and children as judges and prosecutors, then call for vetting; Re-capture the judiciary and call for a vetting; Pass a series of amnesty laws and call for vetting; Bring changes to the CC and call for vetting; Steal elections for the head of the Prosecutor’s Office , then call for vetting; Try to bring Gruevski back, then call for vetting; Harass the SCPC and call for vetting; Push for statute of limitations on court cases, then call for vetting; Install party separatists in the councils and then call for vetting, etc.” reads Preshova’s post on social media.

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