SEC ready to conduct fair, democratic and credible elections, initial results expected on Election Day


The President of the State Election Commission (SEC) Aleksandar Dashtevski said in an interview with the Macedonian Radio Television that the Commission is ready to conduct fair, democratic and credible elections, expects the elections to go well and the initial unofficial results to be announced by midnight on Election Day.

Regarding the publication of the initial results, Dashtevski said that the details are being refined in order to send more important data to the SEC faster and that the initial results will be published by midnight.

“The parties are much faster in announcing the results because their members are on the spot. We have a plan to work out with the company that will be in charge of releasing the data in order to send some of the most important data faster so that we can release the initial unofficial results by midnight. I think we will succeed in that,” said Dashtevski.

The SEC head assesses that the campaign so far is within the rules of the game and that no more serious incidents and attacks have been observed so far.

“So far we have not received any reports of any of the candidates acting against the rules. If there were, there would be reports. I don’t think that the rules that are mandatory by the Electoral Code are being exceeded,” said Dashtevski.

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