Number of sheep pox cases on the rise – 825 cases reported


During March, a total of 1,431 patients with acute infectious diseases were reported, which is an increase of 27 percent compared to February. The most common acute disease was sheep pox, and cases of mumps and scabies were also registered, according to the latest report of the Public Health Institute (PHI)

The most frequently registered acute infectious disease is sheep pox with a total of 825 reported cases. They account for 57.7 percent of the total number of patients, and 58.5 percent in the group of the ten most common infectious diseases. Compared to the previous month of February, an increase in the number of registered cases was registered by 24.8 percent, while compared to March 2023, a decrease was registered by 9.4 percent, said the PHI.

Whooping cough (pertussis) ranks second in terms of the number of reported illnesses in March.

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