Citizens with documents expired since July 24, 2023, will be able to vote at upcoming elections


Citizens whose documents have expired between July 24, 2023 and April 24, 2024 will be eligible to vote at Wednesday’s presidential elections in accordance with the transitional provision in the amendments of the Electoral Code that only applies to the 2024 elections, which stipulates that voters will be eligible to vote using ID cards and passports that have expired during the 9-month period preceding the elections.

The same provision will apply at the parliamentary elections on May 8 as well, and it will allow voters whose documents have expired in the period between August 8, 2023 and May 8, 2024, to vote.

The amendments to the Electoral Code were approved by Parliament on March 7 in a fast-track procedure without a discussion. The goal of the amendments, according to the petitioners, is to further specify the provisions of the existing legislation in order to ensure an inclusive electoral process for all participants in the elections.


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