Jovanovski: Ruskovska got the chief position because of April 27, she knew the verdicts even before the court pronounced them


I asked her on February 23, 2019, ‘Vilma, where do you want us to sit down for dinner’?” And I’m calling on the media, here, and she’s not looking, maybe she’s just intoxicated, to call her and ask her if it’s true or not, if it’s true. Vilma tells me, ‘I’ll call you, just let me finish’, I ask her, ‘What do you want from Italy, Vilma’, she replies: “The only thing one buys in Italy is shoes’, I ask her: ‘What’s your shoe size, Vilma’, she says ’37’, so she says that when she was in Rome, she only bought shoes. On 20.03.2019 she says: “Connect me to a journalist, I will call him in for questioning Z. Karadzovski, he is very disgusting to me, I will destroy him’, I ask her: ‘What are you calling him for questioning?’, she says: ‘Didn’t I open a case for him about the bonuses he signed for the judges’. I asked her when she needs a journalist, and she replies. She yells: ‘I’m disgusted, I’ll tell you what to ask the journalist’. She arranged things. She did that in the Racket case all the time, said Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13.

Furthermore, Boki 13 indicated that on 13.03. was in communication with Ruskovska, two days before the April 27 verdict.

Jovanovski added that “because of the April 27 incidents, she got the chief’s position. She got the case, so she became the head of organized crime. In order to make people alive, he ruined so many places. I am quoting a message that the indictment is written on a sleeve and that people are put there wherever they go”.


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