My dream is for all Albanians to live in one country, says DPA’s Thaci


DPA leader and part of the European Front coalition Menduh Thaci said in an interview with TV A that his dream is for all Albanians to live in a single country, but that it remains just a dream.

“My lifelong dream is for all Albanians to live in one single country. But this is in the realm of dreams. If this becomes part of the political reality, the consequences could be very big for us as a nation, and especially for Kosovo, which is a new state and which is in the important moments of achieving statehood,” said Thaci.

As Thaci states, those who misinterpret his statements say that he is speaking against Kosovo, but that was not true.

“Maybe I belong to the old generation of politicians, but I prefer political rationality, wisdom in our actions. Not courage, outdated patriotism, excessive romanticizing and unprecedented revival of some individuals or groups,” said the DPA leader.



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