Gashi denies that there was a meeting between Taravari and Ahmeti after the elections


Denying reports that Taravari had met with DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, Alternativa leader Afrim Gashi said the announcement had been made because Ahmeti’s credo was “divide and rule” by creating mistrust between the ethnic Albanian opposition bloc coalition partners.

“The trust between our coalition partners is very high,” Gashi said.

“Mr. Taravari did not meet with him [Ahmeti] or anyone else from DUI. There was no offer made. This is totally false. It is really shameful that a very serious media outlet from Albania and this political party, going after the votes of the Albanians, is once again manipulating citizens this way. What they told the public was a total lie,” Gashi said, commenting on an Albanian Top Channel report claiming that Taravari had met Ahmeti and received an offer from him on April 24.


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