What is Grubi’s role in the Lottery crime and the awarding of the three online gambling licenses?


-I think that from here it is the right time and place to ask Artan Grubi again what his role is in the clues of crime that he has in the Macedonian Lottery, why exactly he pushed so hard for the amendments to the Law on Games of Chance, what is his role in the illegal granting of a second video lottery license, as well as his role in the illegal granting of three online gambling licenses. On the one hand, they said they wanted to remove betting sites so that children would not bet, and on the other hand, they gave three licenses for online games of chance, where every child already has the opportunity to bet on their phone, which of course is not ok, pointed out VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader and list holder in ED4 Aleksandar Nikoloski during a visit to Gevgelija, from where he opened a topic which he said was related to their serious decision to send DUI to the opposition.

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